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For complete leafy greens packaging lines, JASA Packaging Solutions is your go-to partner. As the forerunner in the industry, JASA integrates the most innovative and high-end packaging machines into its packaging lines, including the lightning-fast Rotary Filler. 

In the U.S., leafy greens are often packaged in trays rather than bags. JASA has a unique packaging solution to ensure that the lettuce lands neatly in the trays: the company integrates the Rotary Filler into its complete packaging lines for leafy greens.



What the JASA Rotary Filler Does

The innovative JASA Rotary Filler is not just another filling machine. With the Rotary Filler, leafy greens are packaged into trays at high speed. The machine is also known as the Carousel Filler. 

Via a multi-head weigher, the portions of lettuce are poured into the trays, after which two tamping positions ensure that the leafy greens stay neatly in the trays. Obviously, the product is handled with great care.

A unique feature of the Rotary Filler is that the machine offers excellent control over the tray and product as it is enclosed in the filling mask. As a result, optimum speed advantages can be achieved with the machine.

10 Advantages of the JASA Rotary Filler

We said it before: the Rotary Filler is not just another filling machine. The Rotary Filler offers several advantages over other filling machines. 

Advantage 1: Compact and low

Limited space? No problem! The Rotary Filler is a compact machine measuring 1800 mm by 1800 mm (excluding infeed and outfeed belts). Keeping the complete packaging line compact. 

The machine is also relatively low, so the complete line can be constructed much lower and almost always fits into an existing packaging area.


Advantage 2: Flexibility

JASA listens to the needs of its customers. One of the most common customer requests is flexibility, and the Rotary Filler is the answer.

The Rotary Filler features two product tamping positions, which can be adjusted separately. This provides the flexibility to package leafy greens in the best way in different quantities and sizes without damaging the product. 

Advantage 3: Food safety

Of course, in the food industry, food safety is hugely important.

The machine is, therefore, completely made of stainless steel. The contact surfaces are also fully welded, and the rigidized design ensures that the lettuce doesn't stick. 

Advantage 4: Easy changeover

Changing packaging (format) was never as easy.

The mold parts of the Rotary Filler are custom-made for the dish being packaged. These moldings can be easily changed without tools in 5-10 minutes. 

Advantage 5: Very user-friendly

The Rotary Filler features a very user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI). This HMI is recipe-driven, and JASA loads recipes for different products and packaging into the interface during installation. This allows you to select the proper packaging settings with the push of a button when you start packaging a product. 

Yet another significant advantage of the HMI is that the interface shows a total overview of the complete packaging line. It gives you a status overview and communicates through up- and downstream releases. On the screen, the entire packaging line is visible in color. This way, you can see how the packaging line is performing, and it becomes visible, for example, if there is a shortage of product or if an emergency stop has been pressed somewhere in the line.

Operators can run the line most effectively with the help of this display because the complete overview of the entire packaging line is displayed on one screen.

Advantage 6: High speed

The large disc of the Rotary Filler rotates with the tamping positions. This results in maximum filling at high speed with minimal product wastage. The Rotary Filler processes up to 50 packs per minute. 

Advantage 7: Beckhoff controls and servo drives

The Rotary Filler features Beckhoff controls, which have distinguished themselves for years through continuous development and numerous innovations. In addition, the machine is servo-controlled, eliminating the need for compressed air. 

Advantage 8: Energy efficient

The Rotary Filler does not require compressed air and has minimal electricity consumption, making it a particularly energy-efficient machine. 

Advantage 9: Frequency-controlled input and output belts

The input and output belts are frequency controlled. It will allow you to optimally tune the machine in the packaging line.

Advantage 10: Less prone to failure

The Rotary Filler has only a few moving parts, making the machine less prone to breakdowns and requiring less maintenance.


Complete packaging line

In consultation with its customers, JASA is constantly looking for process improvements that contribute to the productivity and safety of packaging lines. Think of:

  • Faster changeover times
  • Simple operation
  • Higher capacity
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to maintain

These themes are paramount to JASA and are all reflected in the Rotary Filler. But the Rotary Filler alone is not the most optimal packaging solution for leafy greens. 

A complete packaging line is the best solution to establish the most efficient packaging line for leafy greens. In this, all components, such as the Rotary Filler, fit together perfectly. This delivers the best and fastest packaging result. As a result, complete packaging solutions are in high demand.

Collaborating with JASA

JASA develops superior and innovative packaging solutions. Thinking outside the box is second nature for JASA, creating new innovations and smart packaging solutions that are way ahead of the competition. So you can be sure that you always get the latest innovations. 

JASA is committed to close collaboration with its customer at all times. Together with the customer, the complete packaging line is designed, focusing on the most efficient production process. The packaging lines can be completely customized to each specific situation. Do you have a unique packaging question, limited space for a packaging line, or any other challenge? Then you have come to the right place at JASA.

JASA stands out with its turnkey solutions and has hundreds of successful projects running worldwide. With JASA, you are assured of high-quality packaging lines to pack your leafy greens quickly and adequately.

Are you interested in JASA's packaging solutions? Then contact us, and we will gladly answer all your questions.


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