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We have a heart for packaging avocados

Multifunctionality in packaging

Avocados are becoming more and more common. They are used in smoothies, on bread, salads, wraps, and much more. Avocados are multi-functional and wildly popular. Avocados go over the counter in nets and in trays at supermarkets. JASA is your partner for all kinds of packaging and hygienic, fast, and flexible packaging of avocados.

Specialist in sustainable avocado packaging

Avocados are packaged in a variety of ways to meet consumer demand. JASA offers innovative solutions for the sustainable packaging of avocados to support packagers to meet the consumers’ demand.

Avocado in production

From single lines to complete solutions

Switch quickly and easily between different packaging materials, shapes, and weights. The avocados are automatically and accurately counted and weighed with minimal excess weight. This flexibility does not compromise speed; your avocados will be packed at high speeds.

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