WOW! The NXXT Generation Vertical Packaging Machines

Denise Baths

Building the WOW is what we do at JASA. But what is the WOW, and what can we do with it? More importantly, what can our customers do with the WOW?

The WOW all starts with setting ridiculously high standards in everything we do. Ridiculous, look up the word, and you come up with words like absurd, silly, moronic. Yet, we prove otherwise every day. Ridiculous can actually be the beginning of something revolutionary. The seeds we plant every day grow into fantastic projects. Our latest seed has grown into the NXXT Generation of vertical packaging machines. A project created from a modular idea. Building in a way that nothing becomes impossible. How WOW is that?!


The heartbeat of the fresh produce business

Where else than at one of our favorite international trade shows would we reveal our secrets? During Fruit Logistica in Berlin from February 7 to 9, customers can for themselves see what NXXT is capable of. Fruit Logistica is the heartbeat of the fresh produce business. NXXT is specifically focused on processed and frozen food solutions. We will make the heartbeat of the trade fair pulse faster with our Golden Six; six Unique Selling Points with which NXXT distinguishes itself from everything else on the market. Faster, safer, more user-friendly, cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and ready for the future; we have taken everything into account.

The only remaining question is: What's NXXT? Curious about the answer? Our experts will gladly provide it during Fruit Logistica.


Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica is in Berlin, Germany, from February 7 to 9. You will find JASA's booth in hall 2.1, booth C-13. Learn more about all of JASA's packaging solutions at


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